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Snack Time Calls for One of These Three Delicious Nut Butters

You no longer have to settle for peanut butter! Grocery store shelves are now lined with options for all kinds of nut butter and trust us when we say that good, hearty nut butter is delicious, fulfilling, and versatile. By versatile, we mean that these products are used in many recipes, from savory dishes to sweet desserts. Perhaps, best of all, these types of nut butter will allow you to digest plenty of healthy fat, protein, and fiber. Are you convinced? Then, check out our suggestions below.

Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Cashew Butter, Julie’s Real

Julie’s Real cashew butter is sweetened only with natural honey, cinnamon, and vanilla bean, but it practically tastes like frosting. It’s the perfect balance of salty and sweet without all of the junk and added sugar that some nut butter can include. Plus, you get the benefits of the heart-healthy fats that are in cashews. Be warned—it’s so good that you might end up just eating it by the spoonful, too.

Vanilla Almond Butter, RXBar

This one is a crowd favorite and has a creamy, rich consistency, making it the perfect addition to a healthy snack. The ingredients are super clean, and the egg whites add a little boost of extra protein that will help keep you full throughout the day. This one is so rich and creamy that it’s the perfect snack to enjoy on its own. RXBar also offers nut butters single-serving packets for some fuel on the go.

Classic Creamy Peanut Butter, Wild Friends

Sometimes, we just need a good ‘ole classic dose of PB. Whether you’re making an elaborate dessert or just a regular PB&J sandwich, Wild Friends has the best creamy peanut butter around. You might see some oil separation on top when you first open the container but give it a good stir and enjoy it as part of a dish or all on its own!

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