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3 Reasons Why Your Apartment Home Could Be Contributing to Your Stress

Your home should be a place for you to kick back, relax, and escape the stressors of day-to-day life. While our apartment community prides itself on offering an atmosphere like this, there may be a few things in your living room and other areas that are inadvertently causing stress. Here are a few examples of what to look out for.

Insufficient lighting sources.

Whether it’s the nearly fluorescent lighting coming from your floor lamp, or the room you often work in that usually has the curtains drawn, light sources contribute to stress more than you might think. Consider what each room of your apartment is used for and purchase lighting fixtures or window coverings that help achieve that purpose. For example, you might choose to upgrade your bedroom curtains to some that block light for optimal sleep, while your home office space gets a new desk lamp.

Unnecessary noise from your TV or smartphone.

Whether you realize it or not, noise is a huge contributor to stress. After a long day, it’s in your best interest to use your TV, smartphone, and other noisy devices only when you need them. In other words, try to break your habit of leaving the television on all night long, while you cook, clean, or handle after-hours work tasks. If you find yourself not watching what’s on TV, or constantly disrupted by your noisy smartphone notifications, turn them off and feel an immediate sense of calm.

Clutter from cords, papers, clothes, and the like.

Ever feel like a clean home is a happier and more stress-free one? You're not imagining it! Cleanliness goes hand-in-hand with stress relief and living amongst clutter is shown to elevate stress levels. Not to mention, clutter can get in the way of a productive daily routine, if you can’t locate your charger or eyeglasses right before that major business call. Get in the habit of tidying up your space every few days. If you do it frequently, you won’t have much to clean, and your space can stay tidy and stress-free.

At Avenue 80 Apartments in Overland Park, Kansas, we understand your need for an apartment living experience that keeps you in the loop with recipes, health hacks, and wellness tips. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping you informed of the latest, must-know information.

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