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A TikTok-Approved Way to Roast Potatoes and Make Them Extra Crispy

TikTok may not be your preferred social media platform of choice, but you cannot deny that the app – which allows users to upload and share short videos – is chock-full of interesting tips and ideas, from hair styling hacks to mental wellness advice and cooking tips. This simple recipe for perfectly roasted potatoes comes from TikTok user Jeremy Scheck, whose viral recipe for perfect roasted potatoes has earned over 4.1 million views. Check out his simple step-by-step method below!

Start with waxy potatoes.

For roasted potatoes that are fluffy on the inside but crispy on the outside, you’ll want to start with waxy potatoes, like Yukon golds or red potatoes.

Submerge the potatoes in cold water.

Instead of dropping raw potatoes in already-boiling water, start with cold water and cook from there. This allows the potatoes to cook evenly, from the inside out.

Add “an obscene amount” of salt to the water.

According to Scheck, you should add what looks like “an obscene amount” of salt to the potatoes, so they get infused with flavor as they boil. Don’t worry – the end result won’t be super salty!

Rough up the potatoes with a spoon.

After boiling your potato pieces until they’re fork-tender, draining them, and drying them, you’ll want to smush each one slightly, so that they have what Scheck calls “more craggily places to get crispy.”

Preheat your oil and baking sheet.

Start your potato roasting with an already-hot pan and you’ll increase their browning potential while cutting down on cooking time. Add oil of your choice to the pan and you’re ready for the next step.

Add herbs and seasonings.

Now, add herbs and seasonings to your liking. Scheck uses fresh rosemary, Old Bay, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, oregano, thyme, and a little bit of sea salt.

Roast until golden brown, then leave them in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Cook at 450 degrees Fahrenheit until your potatoes are crisp and light golden brown. When they appear to be almost done, turn off your oven and let them sit for another 10 minutes to get them extra crispy.

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