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Do Not Stress Over Your Spices Any Longer with These Helpful Organizational Tips

If you consider yourself an at-home chef, a functional spice rack is an absolute must-have. You’ll need the proper space for all your common and niche spices alike, whether it’d be powdered garlic or Herbes de Provence. Because one downside to having such an expansive spice collection is storage and the organizational factors that go along with it. If you’re looking to get your seasonings into the proper order, consult these tips below before getting started. Trust us – this is one project that you’ll be happy to prepare for in advance!

Arrange spices alphabetically or group according to use.

Don’t be afraid to group spices together. The most commonly used spices, such as salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes, can be kept close at the most accessible place of your rack. Baking spices, like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, can also be kept stored at the top or front of your rack. Spices that are more specific to cuisines should be less prioritized.

Using the same shape and size will spice jars.

New jars can serve as an excellent vessel for your spices. They can be purchased empty at any home goods or container store. You might even be able to find a set second-hand! Whatever you do, consider buying from the same retailer each time, so your jars match. This will also allow you to buy spice packages without plastic and eliminate unnecessary waste.

Label your spices.

When it comes to organizing your spice rack, labels should be a given. Simply place the label or sticker on the front of the jar, so it can be seen easily from your spice rack. Labels also provide leverage for you to organize your spices alphabetically. Not to mention, they’ll be easier to identify overall when you’re in full-on cooking mode. 

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