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Transform Your Apartment Balcony or Patio Into a Cozy Haven Get-Away

The utilization of space on an apartment patio or balcony is often overlooked. It’s a space to throw toys, or used as an additional storage area for items that can be left outdoors, so we tend to leave it alone when not in use. However, this area is a very valuable area that can become your own personal get-away.

Patios and balconies generally speaking may not be much in terms of size, but you can still do a lot with them. All it takes is a little imagination, creativity, and motivation. We have given you a head start with some tips below that can help make this area an extension of your space to use as a cozy reading retreat, or an additional place to dine or entertain outdoors. With just a little effort, this space can easily become your favorite tranquil get-away. Here are a few tips you can use to transform your apartment patio or balcony into a cozy haven.

Adding Outdoor Seating

Seating on your balcony is a must if you want to have a place to enjoy it. Today, many fabrics are made for inside or out and are weather and stain resistant. Choices can be anything from a simple outdoor chair, sets with big, comfy cushions to a nice chaise lounge with cushions where you can make a cozy place to escape for an afternoon nap or read your next book.

Benches against a side wall with back cushions or throw pillows create a nice place to get away. Outdoor ottomans are other great additions which can easily be obtained and are comfortable seating for guests or children as well. No matter what you choose, there is something that can work in every budget. Even an inexpensive chair can look very nice if you add a decorative pillow. Choose accents with your favorite colors to help it flow from the inside to outside décor and make it an extension of the spaces you will go to enjoy.

Decorate With Plants or Flowers

Plants and flowers will do wonders for your balcony. Simply adding a few of them will create a fresh and welcoming environment in your outdoor area. Larger plants can be used to compensate for the lack of a view or should you just want to enjoy more of nature. Patios and balconies provide a great place to grow some of your favorite vegetables, fruits, or herbs in containers. Love flowers? Explore which flowers grow best each season in your area and give your balcony or patio a splash of color with some potted flowers or hanging ones if allowed. If you are really short on space or are not good with plants, try creating a vertical living wall with succulents.

Tall planters along the railing filled with wispy, ornamental grasses can provide a great sense of privacy. Not only does it give a sense of the great outdoors, but it will give you privacy from onlookers while you enjoy your new outdoor retreat.

Light it Up

If the built-in light on your balcony isn’t enough, you can add more outdoor lighting. Outdoor lanterns with candlelight or adding string lights in your taller green plants will make for charming lighting for your outdoor area. You can even use the battery powered twinkle lights in vases to give a sparkle of surprise when the night rolls in. Many of the options of battery powered candles and twinkle lights these days have remote controls so you can set timers or intensities of the lighting. These types of candles and twinkle lights have become great options for enjoying outdoor lighting, and with the added benefits of remotes, it makes it easier for enjoying whenever the mood strikes

Consider Other Accessories

Now that you have thought about your seating, plants, and lighting, here are a few other things you might consider for your space. Tables. If you plan on a chaise lounge, you might want a small table to hold a book, your glasses, or something to drink. If you have chosen a couple of chairs, you might prefer a taller table where you could enjoy eating outside, or a small coffee table for you and guests.

Another thing you might consider is an outdoor rug to go under your chairs or table. It is another accessory to bring in your favorite color(s), give some life to the usual concrete floor that patios and balconies have, or just soften the look of the area with a neutral tone, natural rug. There are many types made specifically for outdoor use with different designs and fabrics to choose from. The fun part is choosing one.

It's All In the Space

Because most patios and balconies are relatively small, it is always a good idea to your choices to a minimum, no matter what choices you decide on. You may even want to measure and lay out your space before buying anything to make sure the things you love will fit in your space. You likely can’t do a chaise lounge and two chairs or a set of four chairs a table and a bunch of plants. You have to have room to walk around your furniture have easy access to care for your plants, and easily come and go from the area. This is supposed to be a retreat, an extra space to relax and enjoy. You will be less likely to enjoy your retreat space if you are bumping into furniture or tripping over plants every time you go out. Your outdoor area is an extension of your personal taste—a place where you can escape and unwind, feel the breeze in your hair, and enjoy the great outdoors without leaving your own home. So, plan ahead. Make sure everything will fit the way you want and choose colors and accessories that make you happy. If you find a place that makes you smile, wouldn’t you want to spend more time there?

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