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3 Unexpected Ways That You Can Use Orange Peels

Oranges are known for being zesty and fresh – not to mention, delicious! Did you know that oranges are also extremely useful around your apartment? From repelling insects to eliminating bad odors, orange peels can help accomplish several tasks without requiring that you spend more than a few bucks. Here are a few unexpected ways to use leftover orange peels.

Freshen up your refrigerator.

Over time, you may notice your fridge or freezer assuming a rather strong odor – and not a good one, at that. Thankfully, it’s easy to remedy sour refrigerator smells with orange peels. Simply fill an orange rind with salt and leave it in the fridge. The salt will absorb odor and moisture in the air, and the fruit will leave behind its citrus scent. You’ll know when to remove the peel (or replace it with another one) when the salt has become damp.

Repel bothersome bugs.

Did you know that orange peels contain a 90 to 95 percent concentration of limonene, a chemical that is toxic to mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs? That’s why you should reach for orange peels the next time you need a cheap, all-natural insect repellant. Place bits of orange peels anywhere you need protection from insects, like along your patio, near your doors, or around your windows. You can also rub the peel directly on your skin.

Eliminate garbage disposal odors.

Garbage disposals can become grimy with use, thanks to all the discarded food that makes its way through the disposal’s system. If your sink area is getting stinky, all you have to do is toss a few orange peels down your garbage disposal, add a bit of water, and turn it on. The natural oils and juices found in orange peels will help cut through grease and grime while adding a much-needed fresh scent.

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