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Low-Effort Cleaning Resolutions That Will Save You Plenty of Time Later Down the Line

It may not be January anymore, but if you ask us, setting resolutions knows no timeframe – especially when it comes to something like keeping your apartment home in tip-top condition. Keeping a clean house can take up a lot of time during your nights and weekends, when you’d probably rather be catching up on your favorite shows, FaceTiming your relatives, playing with your kids...the list goes on. Luckily, these low-effort cleaning resolutions can help you reclaim your valuable time while making quick work of your spring cleaning! Check them out below.

Use a Clean Cloth Every Time

You might think that you’re saving extra water and cleaning supplies by re-using the same cloth when cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, and baseboards. In reality, though, you’re accidentally spreading germs around, while reducing the cleaning power of your products. This is particularly important when disinfecting surfaces – something we’re all doing a little bit more during the pandemic! Our advice? Use one cloth per room, and when you’re done, dispose of it or wash it on the hottest setting possible.

Stop Wiping Mirrors in a Circle

Ever notice how wiping down your mirrors usually leaves behind a bit of residue from either your paper towel or the dust that was previously coating the mirror? Take a cue from professional cleaners and stop wiping down your mirrored or glass surfaces in a circle. Instead, follow an S-shaped pattern, which allows you to wipe the dust off of the surface completely while buffing the surface to a perfect shine.

Squeegee the Shower Every Time You Use It

If you’re the type of person who ignores your shower tiles until they’re so grimy that you can’t remove the soap scum without heavy-duty scrubbing, this tip is for you. While it will add an extra minute to your morning routine, squeegeeing your shower will help eliminate water and product build-up. Invest in an affordably priced squeegee that can hook onto your shower tile or hang from your shower caddy. Then, wipe down the walls and tiles of your shower after bathing. It will soon become second nature.

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