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Here Are the Best Websites for Inexpensive Glasses and Eyewear

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At Avenue 80 Apartments in Overland Park, Kansas, it is clear that we have it all, but we still feel obliged to inform you of essential information. We encourage you to stay up to date with our blogs, so that you don’t miss out on recommendations, recipes, or day-to-day tips.

According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 64 percent of American adults wear eyeglasses. Since many of us rely on computers for work meetings, virtual learning, and more, it's become more imperative than ever to take care of your eyesight. Not only is style important when purchasing glasses, but you also have to pay close attention to comfort, durability, and the overall fit.

During the coronavirus pandemic, however, many of us discovered that it isn't always possible to purchase eyeglasses at a brick-and-mortar store. If you are looking for a specific brand or style of eyeglasses, your preferences might make your purchase journey even more difficult to navigate. That's why online retailers can often save the day – as they so often do – and offer consumers a generous range of everyday frames, reading glasses, sunglasses, and more. Here are three recommendations we have:

Warby Parker

Founded in 2010, Warby Parker has already established itself as one of the most well-known online retail stores for everything related to glasses. Before asking you to commit to a pair, Warby Parker will send up to five pairs to your door at no additional cost. After they arrive, you have seven to ten days to try out the selected glasses before either sending them back or keeping a pair or two for yourself. This business model has dictated a lot of Warby Parker's success, and customers rave about the seamless experience of trying on glasses from the comfort of their own homes. Better yet, the online eyeglasses retailer is fashion-forward, keeping abreast with eyewear trends as they evolve.


Another major player in the online eyewear market is EyeBuyDirect. Like Warby Parker, this e-Commerce giant in the eyewear space makes it simple to find affordable pairs of glasses from your favorite brands. Some even start as low as six bucks! Just keep in mind that these are for the frames only, and your prescription and any special add-ons will bring the cost up accordingly. So, if you're looking for a more inexpensive pair of frames with the bare bones prescription, you might be looking at a cost of around 70 dollars on average. Either way, EyeBuyDirect boasts a variety of styles to suit everyday wear.


If you're in the market for a particular brand of glasses, many consumers take their business to GlassesUSA. This e-Commerce website is no stranger to making higher-end glasses more affordable. Top designers on GlassesUSA include: Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Gucci, Prada, and Versace, and all of the frames tend to be sold at a discounted rate to make these luxury brands more accessible to the average shopper. Because, who cares where you got them from at the end of the day, as long as you can sport them in style? Here, glasses start for as low as 38 dollars, making it hard for your to abandon your cart completely. We predict that you'll leave the site with at least one pair of frames, if not more!

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