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4 Healthy Ways to Stop Any Unwanted Sugar Cravings

Did you know that the average American woman consumes four pounds of sugar per month? Even if you don’t have a big sweet tooth, you probably eat much more sugar than you imagine. It’s not exactly your fault – sugar is hidden in countless things, from salad dressings to sandwich bread and more. What’s worse, too much sugar can be responsible for a host of medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Luckily, you can take control of your health by reining in your sugar consumption. Here are a few good ways to stop your sugar cravings, and what to eat when you can’t ignore them any longer.

Pay attention to patterns.

A lot of us tend to lose steam around 3:00 p.m. - and, before we know it, we’re heading to the kitchen for something sugary to restore that lost energy. However, though your taste buds might crave the instant gratification of sugar, a better treatment is something with protein, which will satisfy your cravings instantly, while making it less likely that you’ll want something sweet again around dinnertime.

Balance your meals.

It sounds too simple, but one way to avoid dreaded sugar cravings is to eat a well-balanced meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, what does “well-balanced” mean, exactly? It means that your plate includes protein, veggies, or other healthy carbs and healthy fats. Eat a balanced meal consisting of these ingredients, and you’ll feel fuller for longer while also stabilizing your blood sugar.

Dodge so-called “sugar pushers.”

Most of your friends and family members will be very supportive of your decision to consume less sugar. Yet, some people, dubbed “sugar pushers,” may roll their eyes when you turn down a cocktail or slice of birthday cake. Though there’s little you can do about others’ opinions of your diet, you are always in control of your response. Stick to your plan and the sugar pusher in your life will get the message.

Reach for a healthier option.

Sometimes, getting past your sweet tooth just isn’t happening. When those days arise, reach for a sweet, but still healthy, treat like one of the following:

• Sliced apple with nut butter
• Fresh berries with a handful of nuts
• Whipped ricotta with roasted cherries
• Baked cinnamon apple

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