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Beautiful Ways to Adorn Presents Without Adhesive Bows

After spending plenty of time (and money) shopping for holiday gifts, you must admit that your effort is well worth it, after witnessing the incomparable sight of beautifully wrapped presents sitting underneath a tree. Though it’s easy to personalize your gifts with fun, patterned wrapping paper, it can be more difficult to get creative when adding finishing touches, like a bow or ribbon, to your gift. So, you probably reach for traditional gift bows – as in, those brightly colored, adhesive ones that come in a jumbo-sized bag – often. Yet, there are plenty of other, equally inexpensive ways to add style to your wrapped gifts. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Natural Sprigs

Add seasonal flair to your gift with a natural sprig or two. Try pine branches, holly sprigs, or even pinecones. As a bonus, natural sprigs sometimes carry with them natural fragrance. Just think of how charming your gift will be when it comes with its very own Christmas pine scent!


Remember those cut-out snowflakes you used to make in elementary school? They’ve grown up! Go for a classic, yet unique, look when you download more complex templates and use them to cut snowflake designs out of white paper. Then, add to the top of your gift and fasten in place with ribbon or tape.

Pom Poms

If you have a lot of craft pom poms in your arsenal, why not use them to jazz up your holiday gifts? Arrange several small pom poms or a couple of oversized ones on top of the gift, using hot glue to attach them. Use traditional holiday colors or go for a rainbow effect.

Peppermint Candies

Make this year’s gift exchange super sweet when you use peppermint candies in place of traditional bows! Candy canes, swirl lollipops, and other seasonal candies add an eye-popping element to your gift, while also giving the recipient something sweet to enjoy after unwrapping.

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