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Buy Your Very Own Ugly Holiday Sweater from One of These Online Stores

After a strange year that has seemingly dragged on forever, it’s finally time to break out your favorite tacky sweater and celebrate the winter holidays – assuming that you have a tacky Christmas sweater, that is. No matter which winters holiday you celebrate, the holidays are best spent in a tacky sweater of your own. So, with that in mind, our team has compiled a list of 3 online destinations perfect for scouting out your next tacky holiday sweater.

Tipsy Elves

Leave it to the elves who’ve had too much eggnog to come up with some of the best ugly Christmas sweater designs around! Tipsy Elves specializes in tacky holiday sweaters for everyone in your family – even your dog. Browse their website by category, gender, size, and/or type to find the exact sweater you’re looking for. You can also purchase other holiday items and small gifts from the online retailer.


While contemporary designs are cool, there’s nothing better than sporting an unironic tacky Christmas sweater – as in, one produced before ugly holiday sweaters were trendy. Shop for a vintage Christmas sweater at Ragstock, which has one-of-a-kind apparel for you to buy online, in addition to new stock. Complete the look with jackets, pajamas, hats, and other products, which are also available for sale.


For a tacky holiday sweater that’s still tasteful, check out the supply at major department store Macy’s. Macy’s stocks a good selection of sequin-bedazzled options for the shopper who wants a bit of sparkle on their Christmas sweater. Macy’s is also known for their holiday sales, which means that you can likely buy a tacky Christmas sweater on sale at some point over the coming weeks.

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