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3 Common Cleaning Mistakes That You May Be Making in Your Apartment Home

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Ask most people what their favorite household activity is, and very few of them will probably say, “cleaning.” Though it may not necessarily be a fun thing to do, cleaning the house is certainly necessary, if you want to prevent illness, relieve stress, and keep your apartment home in tip-top shape. To make the most of your cleaning time, be sure to remedy these common cleaning mistakes, which make cleaning the house more burdensome and time-consuming than is necessary.

Waiting until later to clean a mess.

Sooner is better than later when it comes to cleaning up messes. This applies to spills and larger cleaning jobs. Think about it: when you allow that red sauce on your oven to harden, it becomes more difficult to remove – whereas, if you clean it up immediately, all you must do is simply wipe it away. Tackling larger cleaning jobs follows a similar path. If you always put off cleaning until later, you can guarantee that you’ll end up putting in more time and effort than you would if you had cleaned a little each day.

Using dirty cleaning tools.

You’d never use a dirty rag to clean a mirror or kitchen countertop, so why are you using a dusty vacuum or dirt-streaked mop to clean your furniture and floors? And, don’t get us started on bacteria-ridden kitchen sponges! Needless to say, using dirty cleaning tools not only makes it harder to get your house clean, but they can also spread bacteria, dust, and dirt with ease. Before you clean, take a few minutes to wash your mop head or broom, swap out your sponge, and clean your vacuum filter.

Not involving your children.

Cleaning a house may be a “grown-up” activity, but it’s also one that benefits children. So, if your little one tends to watch TV or play with toys while you clean up after them, consider roping them in and giving them a small cleaning task, too. Giving children chores can lessen the burden on parents and other caregivers while giving kids the tools they need to do their part around the house. Start small, by allowing them to dust or wipe surfaces with a non-toxic cleaner.

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